Interview Questions

Body Eloquence:
The Power of Myth and Story to Awaken the Body’s Energies

by Nancy Mellon, with Ashley Ramsden
Foreword by Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine


Interview Questions


1. Nancy, the title of your book, Body Eloquence, is intriguing. Tell us why you picked that concept and what it means.

2. How is storytelling a part of personal growth and healing?

3. You’ve practiced as a psychotherapist for many years. Tell us what led you to combine therapy with storytelling.

4. Give us an example of a client of yours whose story was linked with their body.

5. How can changing your story change your body?

6. Your book Body Eloquence has these cute drawings showing the energy flows in the body. Where did these concepts of energy flows come from?

7. Can you do an exercise with us all on the air right now that will help us feel that energy, and perhaps change it?

8. Talk about life themes, what they are, and how they’re reflected in the body and in story.

9. How does the spirit or soul factor into this?

10. There are great myths of the past, like the Iliad or the Mahabharata or the Genesis creation story. Give us an example of how a big cultural story can relate to a physical event in our body.

11. What are archetypes and how are they relevant to us?

12. Give us an example from your book Body Eloquence of a person who used an archetype as a healing experience.

13. How can changing a story produce physical change? Surely a story is just a mental construct, without any relevance at the level of our cells and organs?

14. In your book Body Eloquence you cover sixteen organ systems, and how the world’s great myths and legends echo through them. Please give us a couple of concrete examples of this from the book.

15. What are common ways you find people keep themselves stuck in the same old patterns?

16. Tell us about the School of Storytelling that your co-author, Ashley Ramsden, founded at Emerson College, in Sussex, England.

17. What can our listeners do right now that will have the biggest immediate impact on improving their health?