Body Eloquence

Body Eloquence:
The Power of Myth and Story to Awaken the Body’s Energies

by Nancy Mellon, with Ashley Ramsden
Foreword by Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine

What dynamics are at work in great stories, and how can we learn to tap into these to bring healing? Which stories boost well-being and help us to see ourselves more fully and compassionately as part of the whole evolving human drama? Body Eloquence asks these questions, and shows how our personal and communal stories are inscribed in our bodies. Nancy Mellon, therapist and storyteller, joins with Ashley Ramsden, directing founder the School of Storytelling in the UK, to explore with readers how the world’s great stories secretly contain the dramas of sixteen organ territories.

Body Eloquence puts us in touch with a marvelous storehouse of wisdom for personal and global transformation. As we live our personal physical-emotional-mental-spiritual sagas, our bodies listen on many levels. The long history of human evolution and our own personal adventures are constantly shaping and re-shaping our life-story.

Stories can disturb, and stories can heal. Our body carries vital life-themes that we are working on, as our organs pulsate with many dimensions of reality at once. Every part of the physical body is also spiritual, and has its own creative connection with universal healing wisdom. By getting in touch with the body’s organic intelligence and its inherent wisdom, we can discover remedies for our health that may not otherwise rise to the level of conscious awareness. We can then experience our lives more creatively and embody the energies that support greater health and happiness.


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