Body Eloquence:
The Power of Myth and Story to Awaken the Body’s Energies

by Nancy Mellon, with Ashley Ramsden
Foreword by Donna Eden, author of Energy Medicine




“This book is a timely and inspirational work, profound, complex and sensitively written. It is wonderful to read. It makes us aware of the connections between the body’s functional and spiritual biology, the poetics of the universal language, the meaning of beautiful age old stories, and their myriad manifestations in the human spirit. It is full of profound insights and valuable wisdom.” (Excerpt from interview, click here for full text)

—Julie de Bastion
Author of Catching Dreamtales

“Body Eloquence is a thrilling read, guiding us into the cornucopia of poetic relationships that reside in the human body. Its thesis is that every organ embodies a purpose and has an influence that goes far beyond its biological function. Every organ is as vitally connected with psyche and spirit as it is with blood and oxygen. Every organ embodies a specific theme, holding its own important piece of the cosmos’ great mysteries.”

—Donna Eden
Author of Energy Medicine

“Nancy Mellon’s Body Eloquence is a truly wondrous book. From the absolutely beautiful cover to the very last page of it, I could not find fault with it. The way the author wove together storytelling, science, medicine, myths, exercises and more was incredibly marvelous. There was no way to put it down, and no way that I would voluntarily decide to part with this book for good, although I plan to get a few copies for those near and dear to me. Ms. Mellon reintroduces us to different body organs, and all of a sudden we see many layers of their roles and meaning for our entire body. She retells stories and myths, makes us see what really matters and what we have been missing and also introduces a wonderful healing technique, which through the art of storytelling helps us to get our bodies in perfect balance.” (Excerpt: For full review click here)

—Olivera Baumgartner-Jackson
Reader Views, September 2008

“With the gift of Body Eloquence, Nancy Mellon presents a rich tool kit we can access to summon the guiding wisdom of storytelling. I am convinced that stories provide a vital way in, a link that catalyzes the body’s inherent healing energies. I am convinced there is bountiful treasure to mine in Nancy Mellon’s work. Indeed, we could structure one or more repatternings from this material much as Carin Block has capitalized on the riches of Bert Hellinger’s work. As I was reading, I was reminded of Chloe’s heartfelt declaration: “A single session can change a person’s life!” That is indeed true. Guiding clients to reconnect with their essential life story is a powerful ally in our practice.” (Excerpt: For full review click here)

—Tina Beneman
Repatterning Practitioner’s Association Journal, April 2010