About the Author

Body Eloquence:
The Power of Myth and Story to Awaken the Body’s Energies


About Body Eloquence author, Nancy Mellon


Nancy Mellon is an adult educator and psychotherapist with a specialty in healing through the arts. A pioneer in therapeutic storytelling, she presents workshops and courses world-wide, teaching dynamic new approaches to personal and organizational health through storytelling. Her work has reached countless healing arts specialists, parents, teachers, librarians, artists and writers, broadcasters, storytellers, and many others, reassuring and inspiring in them a deep sense of mission and commitment to their own creativity. In her courses and workshops at Esalen, Wainright, Kripalu, and elsewhere, Nancy models storytelling skills for a broad range of challenging situations, facilitating practical problem solving through spontaneous and traditional stories. She is the author of Storytelling and the Art of the Imagination, (Yellow Moon, 2003) which has sold over 40,000 copies, and is now in its third edition. Her web site is HealingStory.

Ashley Ramsden, her collaborator, is the directing founder of the School of Storytelling at Emerson College, Sussex, England. His unique methods of teaching both voice and the skills of the storyteller continue to receive international acclaim. He runs workshops for organizations, educators and performing artists, and tours globally with a repertoire of one-man-shows. Well-known on NPR for his rendition of Charles Dickens’ Christmas Carol, he is also a voice for sacred poetry, and one of the foremost speakers of the works of Rumi and Hafiz. His web site is AshleyRamsden.